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Learn to spell is a free English spelling game for kids with three different game modes. Learn to spell is a free kids learning game which offers wide range of categories ranging from Fruits, Vegetables, Animals and Vehicles etc

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About Learn To Spell Game

Learn To Spell : English Spelling Master is an intuitive free educational game. It is very easy to use and one of the best spelling learning apps for kids. The objective of Learn To Spell : English Spelling Master for Kids is to assist kids in learning the spellings of frequently used words in daily life.

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Quick Shapshots of Learn To Spell Game

A comprehensive and free educational game to nurture kids with their english vocabulary by assisting them to learn spellings of 540+ english words through interactive content and programmed feedback.

540+ Words

We have large pool of english words to assist kids in learning english spellings across 19+categories.

19 Categories

19 categories to assist kids to learn spellings in english and all are entirely free to play.

3 Game Modes

There are 3 Game modes Learn, Play and Quiz to help kids in learning english spellings a fun activity.

Custom Learning

Learning English spellings can be customized with Number of letters in an word, order of words and letter case.

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Engaging Visuals to make learning experience a fun

Thanks to our pedagogy researchers, who helped us to blend the amazing technology with vibrant graphics, animations to create an engaging content for kids to learn spellings.

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Learn 540+ spellings of English words for free

Learn to Spell: English Spelling Master is having over 540+ spellings in 21 categories like Days, Months, Numbers, Professions, Food, Fruits, Vegetables and more. All the 540+ spellings have beautiful graphics and animations with encouraging voice over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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